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by Fikrah Store (Sunday, 8th January 2017)

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Older Item Catalog  >  Semperit Homemade  »  Semperit Homemade Newer Item
  • Semperit Homemade
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Semperit Homemade

Options Available:

1 to 2 Carton RM18.00
3 to 5 Carton RM17.00
Carton ++6 RM16.00
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Please note that this item can only buy in carton. Minimum of purchase is one (1) carton. You may select your carton at the item option. 

Example :

1) If you want to purchase 1 to 3 carton, you should key in 24 pcs and maximum is 72 pcs only.

2) If you want to purchase 4 to 6 carton, you should key in 96 pcs and maximum is 144 pcs only.

3) If you want to buy more than 6 carton, you may key in the number of carton x 24 pcs.



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